Trending Tech: Layoffs, lawsuits and mergers

Yahoo sinks into trouble as Facebook countersues the aging internet giant with patent infringement and CEO calls for mass layoffs in a turnaround effort. It’s a week of woes in the tech world with RIM facing a lawsuit over patent infringement and Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube getting revived. In other news, Facebook chooses Nasdaq for […]

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Trending Tech Top Ten – December 9, 2011

This week in tech features giants’ adventures in emerging markets. Microsoft makes more TV content available with its latest Xbox Live update and remains in the hunt with Yahoo. Google and Verizon, meanwhile, spar over mobile payment systems.  SAP’s big SuccessFactor acquisition fills its critical gap in cloud computing. 10. YouTube’s New Design is Here […]

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Curious About Where Other Hospitals Gain Video Views?

When it comes to online video content, most hospitals are undoubtedly taking advantage of YouTube as a primary channel for video sharing. If a well-branded and content-rich YouTube channel is not part of your social strategy, it’s time to rethink your approach to video marketing. Aside from honing your production skills, a crucial part of […]

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It Gets Better Campaign – What Has Made It Work So Well?

Last week, Dan Savage penned an article called “How It Happened – The Genesis of a YouTube Movement” in The Stranger that provided details and background around his It Gets Better campaign. The campaign has been impressive on all accounts, tallying more than 10,000 videos to date (1,000 videos were submitted after the first week […]

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Are Nonprofits Maximizing Use of YouTube Annotations?

More than two years ago, I published this post about YouTube annotations with an example of how some companies were putting the tool to use for creative storytelling. In short, annotations provide video producers with the ability to create “choose your own adventure” style videos that increase viewer engagement. This past weekend, Mashable featured a […]

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