How to Think Outside the Jargon Ecosystem Box

Advertising, marketing, public relations, content — whatever we call it, we’re in the business of communicating effectively to others. Yet those of us working in those industries are just as susceptible to using jargon and buzzwords as any other profession. Frankly, there are so many common marketing and advertising buzzwords and trite phrases they could […]

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5 Strategies for Boosting Employee Activism

When employees speak publicly about the companies they work for, it carries a unique kind of weight. Whether it’s an offhand comment about the office carpet or an earnest perspective on the direction of the business, it has the authority of coming from an “insider.” Now, with the rise of digital and social media, employees […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Meet the Press: KOMO 4’s Brad Goode

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Brad Goode, co-anchor of KOMO 4’s Morning News and Mid-day News, as well as a 30-year veteran business reporter, to discuss the changing landscape of traditional and social media, PR and how the two can work more in tandem. Over sandwiches and sparkling water, we bonded over our love […]

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Storytelling: What Happens Next

Before coming to Weber Shandwick, I worked as a freelance editor. It was often my job to not only tidy up the commas and conjugations, but also to offer advice about how authors might improve their storytelling. The most common observation I made on that subject? Authors could afford to pick up the pace. Particularly […]

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Email Marketing

7 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing a Success

You’ve got mail. Ok, so we don’t hear that automated line anymore, but you definitely still do have mail waiting for you in your inbox. Though our inboxes look a bit sleeker now and we don’t hear a screechy dial-up tone when we connect anymore, email still proves to be a sure-fire marketing tactic for […]

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3 Ways to Harness the Power of Mobile Tech for Employee Engagement

In our Employee Communications, PR, and Social Media Summit series, our team analyzes the trends, milestones and issues that are influencing the rapidly changing landscape of corporate communications. In our second installment, Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Corinne Long discusses how companies can best harness the power of mobile technology to communicate with a highly connected, on […]

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Using Executive Communications for Effective, Meaningful Employee Engagement

Ragan Communications’ annual Employee Communications, PR, and Social Media Summit brings together top communicators and strategists from across North America to lead a dynamic and informative multi-day event. In this three-part series, our team will analyze the trends, milestones and issues that are influencing the rapidly changing landscape of corporate communications. To kick off the […]

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Hanson Hosein Sounds Off on the Communication Age

Last week, Weber Shandwick Seattle was happy to welcome back our old friend Hanson Hosein for a quick lunch and learn session. A former NBC News war correspondent, Emmy award winner, filmmaker, director of the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership graduate program, host of the current affairs show Four Peaks and head of the HRH […]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Automate Your PR Strategy

Earlier this year, Tom Foremski boldly stated that PR could be automated. His reasoning? PR hasn’t changed in the modern world – it’s still a hand-crafted business. I strongly disagree. There are many useful PR tools (like PR Newswire, Appinions and Outbrain) that we often use to help support programs for our clients here at […]

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