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The Ask: Chris Sewell, Creative Director

Welcome to the “The Ask” – a monthly content series that gets up close and personal with the people at Weber Shandwick. This month, Chris Sewell took time away from leading our content team to answer important questions about work, cats, and unrealized vocational dreams. Here’s how it went:   What is your creative vision? […]

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The Five Phases of Video Production

If you’re a brand, right now you’re either making or planning on making a video. Or you should be. It’s the contemporary currency for engagement. Even though everyone is making videos, most people don’t know the process behind making videos. The good news is: All videos — regardless of type, length or purpose — go through […]

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No Boundaries: Learning Laser Cutting and MIG Welding in PDX

Every year, Weber Shandwick’s signature No Boundaries program provides a select group of Weber Shandwick Seattle employees with $1,000 and 5 days off to pursue a personally and professionally enriching passion. This series will detail the experiences of this past year’s three winners. First up, senior designer Tanya Stockland.    This whole thing started when Megan McMullen sent […]

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2015 Cannes Convergence: Let’s Make Marketing More Useful

Amidst the sun-soaked passion that was dished up regularly at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, it is healthy as marketers to remind ourselves of one important fact: Most marketing is still what we skip over, tune out and find mildly annoying as we hurry onto other things. But there were two insights shared at […]

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Weber Ink: Expressing Creativity Through Tattoos

No matter what we do here at Weber Shandwick, creativity is a part of who we are. And for most of us, our creative side doesn’t shut down with our laptops when we leave the office. Weberites are in bands and dance troupes, are writing novels and creating art. And a whole bunch of us […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle Puts Ban on Buzzwords

“Let’s go viral.” “Think outside the box.” “Make it pop!” “So, what’s the ask here?” These are words and phrases you won’t soon hear coming from the Weber Shandwick Seattle office. Why? Because we are officially instating a ban on buzzwords — and, needless to say, the office is buzzing about it. A video team […]

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Storytelling: What Happens Next

Before coming to Weber Shandwick, I worked as a freelance editor. It was often my job to not only tidy up the commas and conjugations, but also to offer advice about how authors might improve their storytelling. The most common observation I made on that subject? Authors could afford to pick up the pace. Particularly […]

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The Power of the Things Not Said

Like a lot of people, This American Life was my gateway drug into what I can only imagine will be a lifelong addiction to audio storytelling. I love audio stories. I listen to them. I produce them. I shake when I don’t have them. There is no cure. I’m hooked. The show’s host, Ira Glass, […]

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Snaps Around Weber Shandwick Seattle World

Ever wonder what goes on behind these walls on a daily basis? Here are a few photos to keep you plugged in to Weber Shandwick SEA world.

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