How real stories can breed civility in the face of fear

Our analyst dishes on the value of truth, inquiry and indicators to drive success.

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Yesler Community Collaborative: Dear Seattle

Seattle is facing some tough questions. And groups like Yesler Community Collaborative are working hard to answer them.

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Sonos: Music Makes It Home

People in today’s homes often share four walls, but little else. Even the one thing designed to bring us together socially – music – is usually trapped in our smartphones and earbuds.

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Level One Project

Financial inclusion does more than benefit those who lead quite active financial lives but who transact almost exclusively in a cash-based, informal economy. In fact, it benefits everyone, from banks to governments to society in general.

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Microsoft: Worldwide Partner Conference

In 2013, Weber Shandwick’s third consecutive year driving the overall communications strategy for the event, Microsoft tasked the team with increasing the breadth and depth of media coverage coming out of the show.

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Verizon Wireless: Save It Seattle

As a leader in wireless and mobile technology, Verizon they have a responsibility to consumers to raise awareness about the danger and risks associated with texting while driving.

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Washington State Parks: Adventure Awaits

As the Centennial anniversary of Washington State Parks approached, millions of acres of publicly accessible recreation lands required funding and support to stay open, safe and well-cared for.

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