Sonos: Music Makes It Home

People in today’s homes often share four walls, but little else. Even the one thing designed to bring us together socially – music – is usually trapped in our smartphones and earbuds.

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2015 Cannes Convergence: Let’s Make Marketing More Useful

Amidst the sun-soaked passion that was dished up regularly at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, it is healthy as marketers to remind ourselves of one important fact: Most marketing is still what we skip over, tune out and find mildly annoying as we hurry onto other things. But there were two insights shared at […]

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What I Don’t Hate About CES

I’ll admit that I love to hate CES as much as everyone else. The lines for everything from check-in to taxicabs are too long, the working hours are even longer and God forbid for PR people – the news doesn’t always match the hype. But despite the challenges, and the increasing ability for more people to watch […]

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The Newest Oldest Rule of PR: Engagement

In the beginning, there was the pitch. Elevator pitches, reporter pitches, fastballs and curveballs. The definition of a good PR person was based on the impact of their pitch – to journalists who would then write an article based on that pitch’s spin. Then came the story. As traditional journalism shrank, and citizen journalists rose […]

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How to Make the Most of Mobile World Congress

Having just wrapped up a very enjoyable three days at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it is a good time to reflect on what can make this show a success for marketers and companies. Collide Industries to Create Big News. One of the big themes of the show is simply that mobile technology can and […]

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At Mobile World Congress, Meet Social Machines. Your Next Client.

At Mobile World Congress, Ericsson introduced a new social network for devices that mirrors how real people communicate. We’re preparing to help those devices develop influence, accumulate ‘likes’ and get connected. Communications brethren, I’ve met our next client, and the conversation was a bit one-sided. For now. At the Mobile World Congress show this week […]

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Three Lessons to Learn About Connected Consumers

Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Brooke Shepard reports on lessons learned about connected consumers from Mobile World Congress.

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What We Can Learn From Watching the Oscars

Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Executive Creative Director, Brooke Shepard, breaks down the “Rule of Oscar” as a mechanism of influence.

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