Can a city grow without losing its richness? Can it open its arms to new buildings and residents without brushing aside the longstanding and diverse communities that made it great in the first place?

Seattle is facing some tough questions. And groups like Yesler Community Collaborative (YCC), a nonprofit that brings together people and resources to support equitable and sustainable community development, are working hard to answer them.

Last year, Weber Shandwick Seattle selected YCC as our Impact Project partner, committing more than $100,000 over eight months to support their work through communications. After multiple stages of research and message testing, we developed a narrative that encompasses YCC’s goals and speaks to its audience of city leaders and concerned residents.

Now YCC and its partners can take the Own Our Growth narrative out into the world. It’s a flexible call to action that harnesses the tricky balance between growth and equity: The city is changing, but it remains ours. Own our growth.

The narrative can work its way into a variety of YCC’s communications, from press releases to panel appearances. It can also inspire new content and opportunities to communicate — like the video below.

Made in-house by our creative team of writers, designers, and videographers, the video takes an intimate look at what Seattle stands to lose if it doesn’t grow with care and intention. We proudly share it with you, and invite you to share it too.

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