Welcome to the new and improved Weber Shandwick Seattle blog. We decided it was time for a new look and a sharper focus on who we are and what we do. And since this month marks 20 years serving the Puget Sound region (!!!), we decided this was the right time to debut it.

I remember my first day at Weber Shandwick (then known as Shandwick International), standing at the fax machine sending pitches to reporters. We carried pagers so clients could reach us on the go. I spent many early days compiling clip books, cutting out and pasting newspaper stories into a binder heavier than a small child.

Obviously, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat. No concept of the intense speed and myriad shapes that messages would one day take on.

And yet, for all the differences between now and then, the core of who we are at Weber Shandwick remains.

We’re still in the business of engaging people in a story. We’re just able to tell that story in better, smarter, bigger ways. In highly visible ways. In highly measurable ways. In highly creative ways (drones, VR, AR, oh my!).

Our work, still grounded in earned media, has expanded to the far corners of the marketing mix, spanning digital content, social media, paid advertising and beyond. We’re PR strategists, interactive designers, videographers, data scientists, social media junkies, marketing technologists. And we know how to engage in stories that move people — to act, to shift opinions, to buy, to share. It’s who we’ve always been.

Our vision is to deliver ground-breaking, silo-busting, action-inducing work that delights our clients and motivates our people. To help us realize that vision, we’ve spent two decades building — and protecting — a workplace culture of collaboration, curiosity, entrepreneurialism, resilience, flexibility and high performance. And we’re just getting warmed up.

I’ve been with the company for almost all of its 20 years in Seattle. So I feel a lot of personal pride for what we’ve built, and immeasurable gratitude for everyone who is and has been part of it.

First, thanks to our clients for giving us the extraordinary opportunity to tell their stories every day. We get to do what we love because of you, and we thank you for trusting us with your most important stories.

I also want to thank my incredible colleagues at Weber Shandwick Seattle. You’d be hard pressed to find a team as smart, courageous, collaborative, supportive and wicked at karaoke anywhere else. You are my motivation, and I absolutely love working with each and every one of you.

And finally, a thank you to Seattle. Yes, the traffic is terrible. The housing market is outrageous. The weather is never exactly the way we want it.

But this city is like no other.

Its business community is fiercely focused on innovation, embracing diversity, and working toward equal pay. It’s home to great football, great music and, of course, great coffee. And its landscape is among the most breathtaking on Earth. I can’t imagine living and working anywhere else.

Thanks for the last 20 years, Seattle. Here’s to the future.


Michelle Maggs currently leads the Weber Shandwick Seattle office, serving as executive vice president, general manager. She oversees Seattle office operations and also local, national and global client engagements.

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