Want to Boost Your Creativity? Get Outside.

It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar here at Weber Shandwick Seattle. There are three intelligent, creative and eager minds gathered in a room. It is 3:30 p.m. There is a whiteboard, chalkboard, Trello board, or Pinterest board involved. We are brainstorming, trying to nail that great, big, “ah-ha!” idea that will surprise and delight […]

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Outdoor Adventures: #WeberInTheWild, Part I

There’s nothing quite like a Pacific Northwest summer. And here at Weber Shandwick Seattle, when we’re not doing totally awesome things for our clients, we love getting out into the sun and open air on our own outdoor adventures. In this first entry of our #WeberInTheWild series, members of the Weber team share some of […]

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9 Things That Social Media Maven Lil BUB Can Teach Us About Social Media

833K followers on Instagram. 180K followers on Vine. 57K followers on Twitter. No, we’re not talking about a member of a famous boy band or this summer’s hottest starlet. We’re talking about Lil BUB, the famous kitty that has taken over Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds — even Buzzfeed. And it turns out that this little kitten has […]

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Two Minutes With… Kelsey Shively!

“Two Minutes With” is Weber Shandwick Seattle’s employee spotlight series that provides professional and personal insight into our rockstar team. Today we’re highlighting Kelsey Shively — avid sports fan, urban explorer and the newest member of Weber Shandwick Seattle’s technology practice. Enjoy! Your PR career in three sentences or less. Go! I got my first taste […]

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2015 Cannes Convergence: Let’s Make Marketing More Useful

Amidst the sun-soaked passion that was dished up regularly at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, it is healthy as marketers to remind ourselves of one important fact: Most marketing is still what we skip over, tune out and find mildly annoying as we hurry onto other things. But there were two insights shared at […]

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The Female CEO Reputation Premium: Differences and Similarities

Earlier this week, Weber Shandwick released The Female CEO Reputation Premium? Differences & Similarities, a supplementary report to The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era (March 2015). This survey of more than 1,700 senior executives worldwide found several illuminating insights: Reputation is a Gender-Equalizer: Corporate and CEO reputations are largely gender-blind when it comes […]

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