Global Health: Seattle’s Secret Ingredient

Seattle is known for many things: rain, Amazon, Starbucks, Fifty Shades of Grey, the Space Needle … the list goes on and on. But amid the beautiful mountains, frappuccinos and startup incubators, the Emerald City has emerged as a leader in another field: global health. From the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH to […]

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Weber Shandwick Report: Socializing Your CEO 2015

New research shows that 80 percent of CEOs from the world’s top companies are now engaged online and via social media. While this may not seem surprising, given the ubiquity of social media in our lives today, it actually indicates a huge shift in behavior. When Weber Shandwick began tracking the social activities of chief […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Meet the Press: KOMO 4’s Brad Goode

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Brad Goode, co-anchor of KOMO 4’s Morning News and Mid-day News, as well as a 30-year veteran business reporter, to discuss the changing landscape of traditional and social media, PR and how the two can work more in tandem. Over sandwiches and sparkling water, we bonded over our love […]

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Industry Reads: What’s on Our Summer Reading List

Here at Weber Shandwick, we do everything from traditional PR to digital marketing and social campaigns. And that means that if there’s one thing that all of us here have in common, it’s reading. Not just the latest breaking news, either — we read everything from lengthy research reports and white papers to 140 character Tweets from our favorite journalists […]

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Weber Shandwick 2014 CSR Report: Spotlight on Seattle

What makes a worthy corporate social responsibility (CSR) program? A focus on sustainability? Minimizing a company’s environmental footprint? Creating a diverse/inclusive/collaborative workplace? Partnering with clients who are passionate about impacting the world in a positive way? At Weber Shandwick, we think it’s all of the above! And our 3rd annual Corporate Citizenship Report demonstrates our […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Day at the Ballpark

Hot dogs. Soft pretzels. Beer gardens. Oh, and a baseball game was going on, too! Yesterday, Weber Shandwick Seattle took a break from the totally awesome work we do, turned on our “out-of-office” emails, and headed to the ballpark to watch our Seattle Mariners take on the New York Yankees. And although the Yankees ultimately emerged victorious, it didn’t damper what […]

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3 Tabletop Games That Are Great PR Exercises

Human beings learn many of their most necessary social skills during childhood through play. Pretending to be an adult in such roles as firefighter, teacher or parent gives us an opportunity to experience a variety of real-world scenarios in a low-consequence environment. If, as a pretend firefighter, you let a pretend house burn down, you might play out a […]

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Weber Ink: Expressing Creativity Through Tattoos

No matter what we do here at Weber Shandwick, creativity is a part of who we are. And for most of us, our creative side doesn’t shut down with our laptops when we leave the office. Weberites are in bands and dance troupes, are writing novels and creating art. And a whole bunch of us […]

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