Last week, Weber Shandwick Seattle was pleased to welcome Jenni Hogan, an Emmy-award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, CMO of Tagboard and very busy mom, for a discussion about community, technology, and today’s changing media landscape.

Since leaving her native Australia to join the rowing team at the University of Washington, Jenni has become a prominent national technology and social influencer. Despite her preference for driving on the left side of the road, Jenni soon became immersed in the American media landscape, in part, from her experience as a traffic anchor. Since then, Jenni has grown to become a “social TV visionary” according to Huffington Post, and “socially savvy” by Forbes.

A veteran of the technology space, long seen as an area dominated by men, Jenni encouraged us to follow our own passions, despite the roadblocks that might stand in the way. During the discussion, she talked about her journey — from identifying herself with her occupation, to understanding that she, herself, must be her identity. In her words, “I am the brand, not the places I work,” and explained that we represent our own passions and goals.

Jenni’s focus has always been on her community and representing their ideas and interests. In the era prior to social media, Jenni frequently sent out birthday emails to industry friendlies without realizing the personal impact she had. As communication channels continue to expand, Jenni is always on the lookout for opportunities that enable her to directly interact with her audience. Whether this means re-tweeting and responding to her Twitter followers, writing blog posts or contributing to local events and social campaigns, Jenni is committed to building community through technology.

When asked about her status as an influencer and how she chooses which brands to become involved with, Jenni replied that she bases her decisions on how they integrate with her lifestyle, her experience with the brands and how they value her time. Jenni is motivated not by monetary compensation, but by how her involvement can empower her community and drive great results. When reaching out to her community, Jenni recommends setting a concrete goal, and, with every intention of accomplishing it, provide a single call-to-action to achieve that result.

At the end of the day, Jenni explained that her “community wants to be part of the excitement” that she is involved in, and that her job is to “give them the opportunity to win [with her] each time.”

It was pleasure having Jenni with us, and we look forward to continuing to work with her!

For Jenni’s thoughts on inspiring creativity, check out her recent quote in Entrepreneur.

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