I’m proud to be raising the flag for women and our unique leadership style at the inaugural Leadership SPA: a conference for women executives that convenes in San Diego for the first time this week. The Leadership SPA conference is a research-based women’s leadership program that aims to help women discover their most satisfying career and live their happiest life. The premise is about understanding and using “Smart Power.”

Smart Power is rooted in recent scientific studies which suggest that men and women are designed to lead differently. The conference will discuss at the characteristics often associated with male leadership – focus, linear thinking, and self-promotion, all which work toward achieving the win. And separately, the characteristics associated with female leadership including multi-tasking, understanding the landscape and forming relationships – all of which lead to problem-solving.

I am so proud to be asked to raise my own voice and share my personal stories that span my more than 25 years of work. The working title for my talk is The Feminine Expression of Leadership: Tapping the Masculine and Feminine. As you can probably tell from the title, I don’t think leadership is a male or female proposition. To lead well, we need both styles and regardless of gender. I believe we can tap into both… ahh, but now I’m giving away the substance of my speech!

Every single day, women become more relevant in the business world as challenges becomes more global, and our style more useful. I look forward to meeting other executives from Fortune 50 companies this week as we share what is unique about women’s leadership, both at work and at home. 

We’ll know we’ve solved the problems facing women when we quit talking about the need for equity. But, until that day arrives, the conversation continues. And we need to share what works. Check back for updates on the important discussions that take place at this conference, and be sure to join in on the conversation by following me @RosiemarieBerg, @LeadershipSPA and @WSSeattle and by using the hashtag #LeadershipSPA2014.

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