2nd Take with Andy Polansky

It’s not every day we get some face-time with our CEO Andy Polansky. So, while he was here last week, we took the opportunity to catch up with him and shoot his second edition of our 1st Take blog series.  Tune in and hear Andy discuss the current state of marketing industry overall and how Weber Shandwick’s Mediaco unit can help […]

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Defining Diversity: A Visit from Students at the LAGRANT Foundation

What does diversity mean to you? Last Friday, we welcomed a student group to our office through The LAGRANT Foundation, an LA-based nonprofit committed to increasing the number of ethnic minorities in communications. Between the presentation, employee panel and staff mixer, we got a chance to connect with many engaging graduate and undergraduate students. Their […]

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Hanson Hosein Sounds Off on the Communication Age

Last week, Weber Shandwick Seattle was happy to welcome back our old friend Hanson Hosein for a quick lunch and learn session. A former NBC News war correspondent, Emmy award winner, filmmaker, director of the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership graduate program, host of the current affairs show Four Peaks and head of the HRH […]

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Weber Shandwick’s Cecilia Liang on the Evolution of Digital Media in China

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of hosting several individuals from Weber Shandwick’s offices from London, Singapore and Beijing. While they were here in Seattle, we caught up with Cecilia Liang, director at Weber Shandwick Beijing, who talked to us about how the evolution of digital media in China is changing the country’s PR […]

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People with Cell Phones

Millennial Media: The Social Trends of Generation Y

As part of today’s largest (and most talked about) generation, millennials are commonly defined by their profuse use of technology and abundance of media rituals. And I have to say, at age 23, I undoubtedly fit the stereotype. With a constant need to be “plugged in” and my slight addiction to social media, I’ll admit […]

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When Aerial Drones Meet Storytelling

From time to time, we come across blogs across the Weber Shandwick network that stand out with the interesting new ways we’re helping our clients tell their stories. This post originally appeared on the Weber Shandwick Southwest blog. If I were asked to predict the video technologies I’d be utilizing six years from the start of […]

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The Critical Missing Glue Between Agencies and Media Outlets

The scenario has not changed. PR pros spend hours researching and analyzing target outlets, building relationships with journalists, developing storylines and crafting perfect pitches. On the flipside, journalists get flooded with mistargeted or untimely pitches and often waste valuable time with unwanted follow up phone calls. Is there a better solution? I believe so and […]

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