I got the call on a Saturday morning. “Buy your plane ticket and fly out Monday. You’ll be directing a live show in Berlin on Thursday.”

Usually, getting involved in a live show doesn’t happen this fast. But the high energy and quick pace of that call and all other subsequent planning events, that’s something you can always expect when putting on live shows. 

The event we needed to film turned out to be the hy! SUMMIT in Berlin. I flew from Seattle to Berlin on a Monday. We prepped the show on Tuesday and Wednesday and went live with two half-hour shows on Thursday. I was comfortably back in Seattle by Friday afternoon, which was perfect. I had plans to skydive on Saturday. It was an 18,000 foot jump that I didn’t want to miss.


The hy! SUMMIT brought together top industry executives, startups and investors for a series of conversations to advance the digital transformation of Europe’s economy. And our live show brought these conversations to an online audience that pushed attendance past 50,000 people.

Live shows are exciting. There’s a rush of energy that cannot be replicated through a pre-built production process.

In January, the Weber Shandwick team produced Live@Sundance. We were responsible for creating 8 one-hour live shows that aired daily during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

This was a first for the Sundance Institute, the organization that puts on the festival. Their previous live programming included the streaming of panels and awards shows. Our goal for this year’s festival was to engage an audience in the daily experience of the film festival, giving them exclusive access and an interactive forum for communicating directly with the filmmakers and celebrities that attend Sundance.


During our eight days in Park City, Utah, we created 93 field segments and 8 live hours of content. It was a rush.

The GoLive team at Weber Shandwick has found an increased interest in live engagement. We create more than a live environment. We build interactivity and connection that extends the audience experience.

Check out this video about our GoLive offering. 

In the meanwhile, I have to pack. I’m heading to Napa to broadcast from a wine cellar.

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