Mom Central Consulting on the Power of Influencer Marketing

Yesterday, we had the privilege of meeting with three of the women who run Mom Central Consulting, a blogger company that engages online influencers as brand advocates through social media and other digital campaigns. Mom Central Consulting has partnered with hundreds of the world’s leading brands and their PR agencies to build powerful brand relationships […]

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Meet the Press: Al Jazeera America’s Allen Schauffler and Kristin Fraser visit Weber Shandwick Seattle

From possible tsunami debris on Alaska’s Montague Island to getting an up-close look at a major marijuana grower in a SODO basement grow room, reporter Allen Schauffler and field producer Kristin Fraser stopped by Weber Shandwick Seattle today and talked to our team about Al Jazeera America’s new Seattle bureau and their responsibilities for covering […]

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3 Tips for Building a Solid Virtual Team

When you work at a global agency with global clients, it’s common for teams to be spread across the world. That means a powerful network of talents and experience. But it also means unique challenges that you don’t encounter when you work with your colleagues face-to-face every day. The best virtual teams operate just as seamlessly […]

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4 Unexpected Takes & Takeaways from My PR Agency Internship

Expectations. Also known as those bars you set for yourself (and sometimes others) that always have a way of jumping out of the box and surprising you.    Leading up to my first day as an intern in the Weber Shandwick Seattle office, I thought I knew what was coming. As my first PR agency […]

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The Power of the Things Not Said

Like a lot of people, This American Life was my gateway drug into what I can only imagine will be a lifelong addiction to audio storytelling. I love audio stories. I listen to them. I produce them. I shake when I don’t have them. There is no cure. I’m hooked. The show’s host, Ira Glass, […]

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Unleash Your Inner Project Manager

You may not realize it but you manage projects every day—big and small—even if your title isn’t “project manager.” Whether that means planning a large-scale PR event or cooking dinner for your family, you are often charged with facilitating a lot of moving pieces (multiple people, different personalities, looming deadlines) to ensure success. The level […]

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5 Lessons PR Pros Can Take From the Government Shutdown

As I write this, the government of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind is closed for business. As House Republicans continue to battle the Senate Democrats and president over the shutdown, there’s no clue as to when this crisis will end. While cynics might argue that there’s as much is getting done […]

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Microsoft: Worldwide Partner Conference

In 2013, Weber Shandwick’s third consecutive year driving the overall communications strategy for the event, Microsoft tasked the team with increasing the breadth and depth of media coverage coming out of the show.

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The Power of Connections – 4 Tips for Networking Success in PR

It’s all about who you know. Coming from a family with a long history of working in PR, I have heard this phrase countless times. But it was only recently, as I applied for my first job outside of college, that I realized how absolutely essential networking is in this field. I recently graduated college […]

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