Two Minutes With” is Weber Shandwick Seattle’s employee spotlight series that provides professional and personal insight into our rockstar team. Enjoy!

You are new to the Seattle area, care to give us a Haiku on what you are most looking forward to exploring?

Mountains, good tunes, brews

Is it weird to say flannel?

Feels like home to me.

We loved having you here in April helping out with a client. You fell fast for the city it seems. What was it about this place that made you want to move from one Washington to another?

Seattle has been calling my name for years now and it felt right to finally take the leap. I had the chance to visit the city a few times in my previous job, and every time I came back, it just felt more and more like the ideal place for me – beautiful scenery, a killer music and food scene, an avid bike culture and some of the best job opportunities in the world. What more could I ask for? And lucky for me, plaid is my favorite color.

You are a beloved member of the DC Weber Shandwick office, what is one thing that you love about that office that you would like to bring with you here to our Seattle office?

The District office is a delight, definitely recommend a visit. One of my favorite things was the spotlighting of a different campaign/account during every one of our monthly staff meetings. Given that the office is pretty sizeable – and a constant flurry of activity – I really loved hearing all about the stellar work my colleagues were churning out every day. Beer/Bourbon Friday is also never a bad idea.

What was the most interesting project you have worked on while being at Weber Shandwick?

I’ve been really lucky to work on some exceptional projects during my time at Weber – but if I had to choose just one, it would probably be my role in the women’s reproductive health campaign, This Is Personal, for the National Women’s Law Center. This was the holy grail of accounts for me: the issues resonated with me – which were front and center during the 2012 election – and the client gave us enough leeway to really shape this into a snarky and engaging campaign that captured the voice and attention of young women nationwide. 

Before you were at Weber Shandwick, you were with the ONE Campaign, a global advocacy organization dedicated to poverty reduction in Africa. What was that like?

Working at ONE was an incredible opportunity. It gave me a quick and dirty intro to a broad spectrum of development issues and allowed me to dive headfirst into the crazy world of celebrity advocacy, which is always fun. From traversing the country for volunteer events and exploring the inner workings of Capitol Hill to meeting with rising young leaders in Liberia and Mali, I couldn’t have asked for a better gig straight out of college. And the occasional hang with Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t too shabby either.

How do you pronounce Puyallup, Mukilteo and Skookumchuck?

I feel like this might be a ploy to bring out my Canadian accent. In other words, I have no idea.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I’ve got a lot going on – I’m a pretty huge bike nerd, a fledgling foodie, a front-yard farmer, a whiskey lover and an aspiring banjo player. I’m also the publicist for a quirky little food zine called the Runcible Spoon. On my Seattle bucket list: refine my lackluster camping skills/get in touch with Canadian wilderness heritage, bike to San Francisco, do some music writing and explore all that the best coast has to offer.

What are your two truths and a lie?

  • My short-lived dream of being a famous actress was dashed when my scene as an extra in the 1994 holiday classic, The Santa Clause, ended up on the cutting room floor
  • I’m related to fellow Canadian songstress, Joni Mitchell
  • I took a year off from college and set up long-term residency on my brother’s couch in Edinburgh, Scotland – in between stints as a wandering vagabond


What is the band you are most looking forward to seeing once you move?

The Seattle music scene is like the gift that keeps on giving. I have yet to meet a band from this neck of the woods that I didn’t cherish with all my heart – and seeing live music is my jam. I recently joined a merry bunch of rambunctious music bloggers at Timber, a new music festival in Carnation. I’ve also already started lining up tickets for the fall – Vampire Weekend, The National, City & Colour, Jake Bugg – and I’m toying with going to Bumbershoot. I’ve also started a Sasquatch fund for next May. Can you tell I’m excited?


Robyn Mitchell is an Account Supervisor.

Header image courtesy of papalars.


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