Could You Live on One Dollar a Day?

Here at Weber, we have the opportunity to work with some of the largest companies in the entire world, representing billions of dollars of assets and millions of workers across the globe.

But sometimes, we get the opportunity to work with clients who, though they may be small, are making a very big difference.

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Four Peaks Spotlight: Sandra Jackson-Dumont

Picking up where we left off with our Four Peaks Spotlight Series, we’re featuring guests from upcoming Four Peaks episodes. Four Peaks is a current affairs program created in partnership with the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media (UW MCDM) program and UWTV. Host Hanson Hosein recently spoke with Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Deputy Director for […]

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Can Seattle be the Next Silicon Valley?

It rains a lot in New York City.

Yeah, I’m saying this from Seattle. Seattle, of all places. Doesn’t it rain every day here? And I have the gall to say that somewhere else gets a lot of rain? Get a load of this guy, right?

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Lace ‘Em Up for Earth Day!

On Saturday, I laced ‘em up alongside my Weber Shandwick colleagues for the Seattle Magazine’s Earth Day 5k. We’ve been celebrating Earth Day and our planet for a while now at Weber Shandwick, and this 5k was a great way to celebrate the community – not only the running community, but the Weber Shandwick community and our shared love of our planet and this great city.

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The New Language of Scientific Communications

As communications professionals – particularly in an agency setting – we pride ourselves on our ability to pivot at a moment’s notice, adapting to new conditions with speed, agility and aplomb. But if anyone can knock us down a peg, it’s Sonia Singhal, a Ph.D. student in the University of Washington’s Department of Biology. Singhal […]

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Getting the Green Light for a PR Internship

If you told me four years ago that I’d be looking for a job in Seattle after graduation, I’d find it hard to believe. I had no intention of leaving my home-base of sunny Southern California, but given the opportunities I encountered during my undergraduate career, I found myself driving full-speed toward a Seattle internship at a leading global PR agency.

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4 Tips to Land Your First Digital Health Marketing Gig

‘Tis the season for resume revamping, mass emailing and hoping and praying for your post-college digital health marketing dream gig. Right?? Wrong. The healthcare marketing world is prime for solid young digital guns and now is the time (read: you’re behind the curve if you haven’t started) to get a jump on your colleagues as […]

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The Future of Entertainment—Three Ways to Surround Your Audience

We’re on information overload. This trend is nothing new, but it’s also not going away and it’s something we need to continue to think about as communications professionals. The ability to access information we want is no longer enough. Now, we want information we didn’t even know we wanted.  Between the television, laptop, tablet and […]

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Snaps Around Weber Shandwick Seattle World

Ever wonder what goes on behind these walls on a daily basis? Here are a few photos to keep you plugged in to Weber Shandwick SEA world.

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