Recent CES and Mobile World Congress events showcased an expanding world of wireless connections as part of our everyday lives, beyond the mobile devices that make phone calls, send text messages or check email. This new wireless revolution is often referred to as machine-to-machine (M2M) technology or “The Internet of Things.”

M2M refers to technologies that allow two objects to “talk” to each other.

Did I lose you?

At Weber Shandwick Seattle, we work with many different technology clients, which should be no surprise as Seattle has been named the #1 city for tech jobs. It is our job to tell our clients’ stories and work with them to figure out the best way to communicate often complex technology concepts in clear terms. In today’s digital age, there is more content available then we know what to do with and visual storytelling is a great way to set you apart from the noise. A clearly illustrated infographic grabs the attention of your audience and makes an impactful statement at a glance. And this is exactly what we’ve done with M2M technology.

M2M technology will soon become a part of daily life and as ubiquitous as smartphones and tablets. In order to illustrate this concept, our in-house design team created an infographic to help bring to life the concept and make it easier to visualize.

Including all carriers, more than 100,000 M2M devices are wirelessly connect in the Pacific Northwest and Verizon Wireless has seen eight consecutive quarters of growth, since they began counting M2M connections.

With predictions that 19 billion intelligent things will be connect to the internet by 2016, it is no surprise that this technology is flourishing in the Pacific Northwest. We can all look forward to the day when forgetting your wallet at home and locking the keys in your car becomes a thing of the past!  But, until that day comes, visual storytelling is a great way to see the concept come to life.

Check out our infographic on the growing wireless revolution of M2M below!

Disclosure: Verizon Wireless is a Weber Shandwick client.

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