Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, friends! CMAD celebrates those dedicated communications professionals who “serve customers every other day…[and] should get a day of thanks to highlight how they’re changing the face of business, customer care, and our industry,” according to CMAD founder, Jeremiah Owyang.

Our weeklong #CMAD series broke down the meaning behind the CMAD acronym and dissected the important role community managers fulfill day in and day out.

#Community took a look at the true essence of an engaged community and the changing community manager role–requiring storytelling-apt individuals who help connect each unique community they manage.

#Manager divulged secret tips and tricks of maintaining the synchronized social dance that is effective community management.

#Appreciation underscored the importance of intimately knowing, connecting with, responding to and addressing needs and wants of your individual community members.

#Day provided an honest look at the ‘day in the life of’ a community manager, from caffeination to twitter lists to creative fun.


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