The following is part of a week-long post series in celebration of #CMAD (Community Manager Appreciation Day – Jan. 28).

Here at Weber Shandwick Seattle, the role of community manager depends heavily on the client and their needs. For some, we are able to build a community from the ground up — determining the voice and guiding the strategy. For other clients, we help to ramp up community management programs already in place — offering tips for expanding influencer engagement and injecting creativity into content. Regardless of where we come into the process, we are always focused on building relationships. To that end, it’s paramount that we show our engaged community members that we appreciate them.

Want ideas for showing your appreciation? Here are three tactics we always return to:

  1. Connect. Before you populate your Facebook or Twitter page with marketing material and self-serving product plugs, look at your followers. Identify 3-5 common interest threads and then create content that will not only grab their attention, but move them to engage and share. It’s important to establish your brand as a resource that followers look up to.
  2. Respond. When you’re a new company in the market, it’s not uncommon to receive customer service inquires or snarky complaints on your brand page. It’s vitally important to acknowledge this consumer feedback in an authentic way. While we don’t always have the answer to all questions, consumers want to know they’ve been heard and can count on a brand to follow-up.
  3. Reach Out. Consumers are always looking for exclusive access to new products or services. Whether you’re launching a new product or updating it on a current one, we found that our community of users is the best place to look for authentic feedback. Offering our supporters the first look at new features or services not only builds comradery, but establishes brand loyalty.

Let us know if you have other suggestions of how to show your community they are appreciated!

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