The Global Consumer’s Year of Anger and Action

The Global Consumer. The global consumer evolves year-over-year, reacting to how the marketplace changes. And we all know that not so long ago, as a society, we fell into what felt like a dark spot – something we hoped to step out of sooner than later. But time has passed, and what a large group […]

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The State of Seattle’s Media: Shifting Consumption

As public relations professionals, we work hand-in-hand with the media on a daily basis. How people perceive the media therefore is a major factor in the ways we tell our clients’ stories. That’s why we chose media as a key topic in our third-annual State of Seattle survey. We looked at media through two separate […]

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A Night of Networking with the Seattle Sounders and Seahawks

Last week, Weber Shandwick attended a networking event hosted by the Seattle Sounders FC leadership staff. The event drew over 100 attendees from diverse sports backgrounds which included students, producers, social media pros, PR peeps and event experts. The purpose of the event was to give attendees access to senior leadership in the Sounders and […]

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The State of Seattle’s Culture: Love the Rain, Hate the Roads

Everything from the weather to traffic, to schools and the art scene are part of the cultural fiber of Seattle. How we feel about these elements plays a major role in the city’s story, so we took a look at our city’s culture in our third-annual State of Seattle survey. As a city, we’re often […]

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To Be or Not To Be Proactive – There Is No Question

The number one habit in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is being proactive. It is defined as taking conscious control over your life, setting goals and working to achieve them. I have discovered that being proactive is also the number one habit to follow when working at a public relations agency. Before […]

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The State of Seattle’s Civility: Not So Nice?

Earlier this year, Weber Shandwick conducted the third annual poll on Civility in America, which found 63 percent of Americans say incivility is a major problem for the country today. With these results in mind, and with civility a major topic surrounding recent and upcoming debates, we took a closer look at civility in our city […]

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A Day at the Market: Food, Fun and the Seattle Spirit

What happened when a PR account team here at Weber Shandwick Seattle shed the computers, the smartphones and workplace jargon to instead play tourist for an afternoon at one of Seattle’s most iconic attractions? Well, besides walking away with full stomachs, the afternoon confirmed our hunch that work relationships can be deepened by stepping out […]

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The State of Seattle’s Economy: Self Assured

Last week we unveiled our third-annual “State of Seattle” survey, for which we polled 500 Seattle residents on topics that are top-of-mind for the region. Related to the economy, we have some good news: 91 percent of local working residents feel secure with their current job situation, up eight percent over a year ago. There’s […]

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How to Maximize Your College Years to Land a Job in PR

Last week Weber Shandwick Seattle afforded my colleague and me the opportunity to relive the most cherished of times… We woke up in the morning, grabbed our coffee cups and headed off to school—college to be exact! The University of Washington ‘Intern Thursdays’ program invited Weber Shandwick to come chat with a few rising communications […]

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