Ever sit at your desk, staring hopelessly at your inbox’s triple or quadruple unread tally? Or even worse, hesitate when planning your PTO because of the inevitable onslaught of mails that you’ll need to catch up on when you get back?

How about being needlessly included as a CC in a mail? Many times, I’ve found myself asking, “Is this email back-and-forth improving or drastically degrading the collaborative efforts of my team?”

Well, if our General Manager Tim Fry has his way, all of the above will become nothing more than a passing nightmare. Over the past year, Tim and his team have developed a solution to email overload and a catalyst for streamlined collaboration. Its name is MyWeberShandwick, a brand new internal social network built off of a platform created by Socialtext.Weber Shandwick’s 3000+ employees will soon be able to utilize MyWeberShandwick to post status updates, share content, form online groups and much more. Crain’s Workforce Management featured Tim and MyWeberShandwick twice on April 24, with one piece focusing on Tim’s email-less vision of the future and the other on tips on how to conquer the email inbox.

Image courtesy of marc falardeau.

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