We heard a very interesting session on the ‘connected consumer’ the other day at Mobile World Congress, featuring the CEOs of Best Buy, eBay and Interpublic Group (our parent company). Here are three lessons we all will be well served to learn.

1. Confusion is Reigning
From how companies can use mobile to reach consumers, and how consumers understand the retail choices before them, we cannot underestimate the challenges we have to communicate simply and clearly when we talk about mobile solutions.

2. Mobile is Dramatically Changing Retail
In half of retail transactions last year, consumers consulted the web at some point in the shopping experience. Some people even believe retail is becoming a physical showroom for the online shopping experience. Enhancing that buying experience via mobile devices is no longer a choice to stay competitive.

3. It’s Not Mobile Advertising, It Is Mobile Engagement
We have been saying this for years, so nice to see CEOs spreading it through major companies. Successful brand building will be based on providing useful, relevant tools and information. It will not be about inserting ads onto a small and incredibly personal device. Consumers will reject anything they don’t want, and they have too many other choices to make them put up with ads like we have on TV or in print.

As connected consumers ourselves, we can’t wait for these changes to happen so we all can reap the benefits. As consultants navigating the connected world, we can’t wait to help make them happen.

Image courtesy of DeaPeaJay.

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