At Mobile World Congress, Ericsson introduced a new social network for devices that mirrors how real people communicate. We’re preparing to help those devices develop influence, accumulate ‘likes’ and get connected.

Communications brethren, I’ve met our next client, and the conversation was a bit one-sided. For now.

At the Mobile World Congress show this week in Barcelona, we saw quite a number of advancements toward connecting every aspect of our world. From faster networks to more connected devices in our homes and cars, the ability for communication to happen between machines in addition to communication between people is exploding.

So much so, that the ‘machines’ getting connected are starting to have their own social media profiles. Ericsson is showing off a social network the company has created for connected devices to communicate amongst other devices as ‘friends,’ a concept they promote as “The Social Web of Things.” At the GSMA’s “Connected Home” exhibit, Accenture was premiering a social vending machine, which if you liked on Facebook with your phone as you stood in front of it, the machine would immediately dispense a reward to you in person.

If devices are actually starting to communicate with each other and ourselves in the same social settings, it doesn’t take long to start imaging their communication needs evolving to needing our help.

Just as PR and marketing advisors already bring life to corporations and brands, I’m picturing a world where the products themselves need similar support. Imagine an energy-conserving hub that could help devices better regulate their electricity use. Helping that device get “more connected” would better distribute energy needs and be part of the device’s programmed goal. Well, we help clients ‘connect’ with their desired audiences everyday.

So don’t be surprised if your next client just talks in bits and signals for now. That’s why they are calling for help.

Title image courtesy of BadgerGravling.

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