Did you know Urban Chickens are gaining popularity? In fact, this underground urban movement is sweeping across the U.S. as people embrace the benefits of an urban flock that not only provides fantastic fresh eggs, free garden fertilizer and an efficient way to cut down on kitchen scraps, but hours of entertainment as a pet!  (In fact, some advocate that every household should have its own hens.)

The Northwest, in particular, is at the forefront of urban farming. Between local pea patches, raising goats, and backyard composting, people in this region like to stay connected to the land. And of course, Weber Shandwick Seattle likes to stay at the forefront of these trends and is invested in our own sustainable practices. We’re always looking for ways to walk the talk.  In fact, there are three of us here at Weber Shandwick Seattle who’ve embraced the Urban Chicken movement. We call ourselves the “Weber Chicks.”  We’ve adopted this growing hobby and we’re eager to share our love of the Urban Chicken:

  • Deaira: After living in a downtown apartment for several years, I finally moved into a house with a real backyard. My dream was to have a home where I could grow my own organic vegetables and collect my own eggs every morning. Not only does food taste fresher when you grow it yourself, but it’s often healthier and honestly, more fun than running around a crowded grocery store. My roommate, who’s equally if not more hippy than I am, and I adopted three baby chickens four weeks ago. Their names are Rodney, Marshall and Jerry. Yes, they’re girl chickens. But aren’t the names hilarious? Right now, they’re still in a little chicken brooder with a heat lamp. Not only are they absolutely adorable, they’re super easy to take care of. Next, our plan is to build a chicken coop… and in three more months, we’ll finally have fresh eggs!
  • Kendra: My husband and I were interested in finding additional ways to be more self-sustaining besides growing our own food – at the moment we have 6 raised beds and several container gardens. We also weren’t particularly happy with the way chickens are treated in commercial egg factories and wanted to remove ourselves from that equation. We did some research within our community and discovered Seattle had a burgeoning chicken movement. What a great chance to couple our ideas with action!  We bought three chicks, built our coop and let the excitement begin! Our three ladies are named Barbeque, Teriyaki and Chili.  We love to watch them run around the yard “cleaning” our garden – it’s like having living lawn ornaments. It’s been fun having them and knowing we’re living in a more sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. And everyone knows that happy chickens make the most delicious eggs!
  • Helen: We kicked off with Seattle Tilth’s Chicken 101 Class last year and then went on the Annual Chicken Coop Tour, which inspired us to build our own coop. We’re now on the tour this year featuring our roof-top garden chicken coop, which is home to our 4 lovely ladies: Kaylee, Veronica, Camille and Salami (my son named that one). We get 2-4 fresh eggs per day and Im always excited to find a new egg in the box.

Here’s a list of great resources to get you started on your own Chicken Cooping Action:

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