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There is no “typical” day in my life as an agency intern.

Fast-paced and exciting?

Unlike many PR interns who check for new daily coverage, create reports and media lists and share key coverage with team members across many offices, I work on a vast array of projects.

I’m an intern for Weber Shandwick’s Global Technology team. In short, our team oversees all tech work across the agency. My internship focuses more on internal communication, rather than communication for a client. What the Global Technology team is working on dictates what I am working on each day, which is very different from an intern on a client team. Some days, I research what is being said about companies whose business we’re trying to win. Other days, I research what’s going on in the tech industry.

I also help with our internal marketing and business plans. I help with the design aspect of presentations, as well as ideas that might work for us as an agency, which ties into my research on the tech industry.

One of the most unique and exciting aspects of the work I do is that I work with the President of the Global Technology Practice, Heidi Sinclair, which is an incredible honor and opportunity. I help with presentations that are shown to the agency’s entire tech practice. Having that level of visibility and access to someone at a senior level is an incredible opportunity.

Overall, there is not a “typical day” for me. There are tasks I do daily such as responding to emails, and often updating team lists for the technology practice, but my days really vary based on what the agency needs. It’s my job to stay flexible and I enjoy that aspect of agency life because it keeps my work exciting and interesting, presenting an abundance of new opportunities to learn about our industry.

Author—Chelsea Quinlan is currently an intern at Weber Shandwick Seattle. You can find out more about Chelsea at www.chelseaquinlan.com.

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