This post is part of our new blog series that will aim to help young professionals land and make the most of their PR agency internships. For the next few weeks, expect to find useful advice and first-hand experiences from our bloggers and very own whiz-bang team of interns.

My first day as a PR intern was a whirlwind. New faces, a new chaotic work style, and apparently a new vocabulary as I realized a “nugget” was not gold and a “bucket” was not a metal container. But after the storm cleared and the color returned to my face, I quickly learned that the following three attributes would be crucial for surviving as an intern at a public relations agency: flexibility, patience, and stress control.

  1. Flexibility: Clients needs will change, deadlines will be moved, and priorities will shift. Roll with the punches and adapt to the situation.
  2. Patience: You will encounter instances of miscommunication. Clear and concise written and verbal communication is vital. The tighter your communications, the less chance of confusion. This is especially applicable when working with international clients.
  3. Stress control: You will have more tasks to complete than is humanly possible and your workflow will be constantly interrupted. Prioritization and constant stress-management is key—everyone has their own methods so you must figure out what works for you.

I’m quickly approaching month three of my internship and my life in public relations has certainly become busier. I am far from mastering the above attributes, but I can say I have developed new thresholds. If you want to brave the PR hurricane, remember my three survival tips—flexibility, patience, and stress control.

Author—Luke Mohr is currently an intern at Weber Shandwick Seattle. You can find out more about Luke on LinkedIn.

Image courtesy of Ani Carrington.

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