James Portnow Talks Games PR at Weber Shandwick Seattle

On Tuesday, games columnist and designer James Portnow visited Weber Shandwick Seattle to share his perspectives on PR and marketing in the games industry. His immensely popular Web series Extra Credits for The Escapist looks at how games are designed and marketed, and at their effects on our lives. James emphasized the importance of PR […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle Celebrates Social Media Day!

To celebrate Social Media Day here at Weber Shandwick Seattle is to celebrate…well, another day in the office. Being embedded on the social front comes with the territory. Some may call it over the top, but in the spirit of Brian Solis’ recent post about our evolving hashtag culture, I thought I’d provide a glimpse […]

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1st Take with Frank Orrico: Science and Storytelling

With medical breakthroughs happening daily, how do health organizations communicate scientific data and key findings to key stakeholders? Weber Shandwick Global Director of Scientific Communications, Frank Orrico, PhD., leads a team that specifically works on programs and projects intended for professional and technical audiences, including physicians, scientists and health/science media. In this edition of our […]

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5 Traits of a Rockstar PR Intern

At Weber Shandwick we’ve seen some phenomenal interns come through our doors, many of whom have ended up with long-term careers here at the agency. While each intern is different (and that’s a good thing), we’ve noticed a few common denominators for those who have been the most successful. Here are the top five rockstar attributes we look for in every new intern:

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Why Vaccines Demand More Public Conversation

Vaccines are “magical.” Vaccines are “the most effective public health tool.” Vaccines are a “smart investment.” Vaccines “save lives.” These were the messages reinforced by politicians as well as key global health influencers and leaders earlier this month at the GAVI pledging conference where world leaders gathered to pledge $4.3 billion for vaccinations in developing […]

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10 Tips to Juggle Work and Parenthood

There are more than 15 parents working at Weber Shandwick Seattle, with one more on the way. The other week we held a baby shower for the newest member of the club, Stefanie Fricke. As part of it, the parents in the office compiled the following list of tips for her on how to juggle work and parenthood. […]

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3 Most Important Things I Learned My First Day as a PR Intern

This post is part of our new blog series that will aim to help young professionals land and make the most of their PR agency internships. For the next few weeks, expect to find useful advice and first-hand experiences from our bloggers and very own whiz-bang team of interns. My first day as a PR […]

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A Day in the Life of a PR Agency Intern


There is no “typical” day in my life as an agency intern.

Fast-paced and exciting? Absolutely.

Unlike many PR interns who check for new daily coverage, create reports and media lists and share key coverage with team members across many offices, I work on a vast array of projects.

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Are You the Next Great Weber Shandwick PR Intern?

Interested in an internship with Weber Shandwick? Good! Weber Shandwick’s Seattle office is seeking interns and we want to hear from you. We’re looking for rockstar candidates with excellent organizational skills, the ability to adapt to multiple assignments and the passion to learn about the public relations field. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn are a must! […]

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