When it comes to online video content, most hospitals are undoubtedly taking advantage of YouTube as a primary channel for video sharing. If a well-branded and content-rich YouTube channel is not part of your social strategy, it’s time to rethink your approach to video marketing.

Aside from honing your production skills, a crucial part of developing good online video content starts with researching other similar topical videos that have gained traction.

Let’s pose a scenario. Say your hospital has started conducting a “Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement” procedure and you’d like to create a video that shows how the procedure is being implemented.

A quick search on YouTube directs you to this Northwestern Memorial Hospital video addressing the topic above. You are quick to note that the video has successfully garnered more than 8,600 views to date and served as a strong traffic driver to their YouTube channel (relative to other video content on their channel). This leaves you curious.

Where did all these views come from? Are there similar promotion tactics that my own hospital could use to increase viewership around our own video content? What other information can I learn beyond the total number of video views?

Luckily, YouTube makes it incredibly easy to pull some valuable engagement insight. By clicking the “Show Video Statistics” button, you can quickly see how a video’s views have accumulated over time, significant traffic benchmarks as well as additional viewer audience demographics. Take a look:

Easy as pie. You now have some strong insight into what has worked for another hospital and can apply that knowledge to optimize your own content and consider additional promotional channels. Ed Bennett has also compiled this excellent hospital social media list to make it easy to check out other hospitals’ YouTube channels.

For channel owners that may not want to publicly display video statistics around their video content, you can quickly deselect the option to share statistics under your YouTube channel Account Settings -> Privacy.

Image courtesy of GordonMcDowell.

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