Facebook recently released a 14-page best practice manual on how to market effectively on its platform. In addition to outlining what it deems its core marketing framework, Facebook provides guiding principles and tactical advice on how to create effective campaigns. Here’s a brief summary below:

Facebook Ecosystem

Facebook describes its business ecosystem as being based on three main processes:

  • Build – Establishing a presence and a following by building and promoting Pages and/or Places.
  • Engage – Deepening relationships by engaging and connecting with fans.
  • Amplify – Spreading your brand, message and properties by utilizing targeted ads.

Five Guiding Principles

To help marketers stay on track when designing strategies, Facebook also provides a list of guiding principles. Although these principles were written for Facebook marketers, John Paul Titlow of ReadWriteWeb was right when he wrote that they apply to just about any social media effort.

  1. Build a strategy that is social by design – Integrate social throughout marketing strategies versus adding it on as a peripheral tactic.
  2. Create an authentic voice – Humanize your brand by connecting with your audience through open, authentic interaction.
  3. Make it interactive – Create exciting, share-worthy content that encourages two-way conversation.
  4. Nurture your relationships – Invest the time to build connections and work to reward your loyal fans.
  5. Keep learning – Gain insights on your audience and their preferences by analyzing real-time insights.

Facebook by Objective

This section of the guide is by far the beefiest and most tactical. It contains recommended tools (both introductory and advanced) and five recommended steps to help achieve each of the goals outlined below.

  • Foster product development and innovation
  • Generate awareness
  • Drive preference and differentiation
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Build loyalty and deepen relationships
  • Amplify recommendation and word of mouth
  • Gain insights

I recently wrote a post on Facebook Studio and how it allowed interested parties to compare marketers’ Facebook campaigns in one place and using standardized criteria (mandated by Facebook of course). Facebook Studio was one of the first steps by Facebook to internalize advice on how to best use its platform. I believe this best practice guide is yet another step in the same direction.

Jump to the full guide below or download it here.

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