Last week at Swedish Hospital and Ragan Communication‘s “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media” (#SwedishRagan) conference, we had the wonderful opportunity to shoot video interviews with Lee Aase (@leeaase), director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Dana Lewis (@danamlewis), interactive marketing specialist for Swedish Health Services (thanks to Ragan’s HealthCare Marketing and Communication News for sharing our videos!) The two thought leaders were kind enough to share with us their takes on the state of social media in the health care industry and the challenges and opportunities at their own organizations.

Now that the dust has settled, we want to first of all congratulate all the parties involved in making the conference such a great success. For those who are interested, we’ve drummed up a short summary for you using our measurement tools. Look below for some key metrics around #SwedishRagan’s Twitter buzz.

#SwedishRagan Mentions Over Time

Since the beginning of April, there have been over 1,800 tweets containing the #SwedishRagan hashtag. As you can see, there was a small amount of chatter leading up to last week where a prominent spike in conversations took place at the heart of the event around April 14th and 15th.

#SwedishRagan Word Cloud

The word cloud below is a visualization of the words most tweeted along with #SwedishRagan. Unsurprisingly, many of the conference’s key speakers and attendees, such as Dave deBronkart (@epatientdave) and Wendy Sue Swanson (@seattlemamadoc), ended up appearing in numerous tweets. This is due to the many mentions, retweets and conversations involving their great content during the event.

#SwedishRagan Buzz Graph

#SwedishRagan’s Twitter buzz graph tells a great story. With “Swedish [Hospital]” and “patient” as key focal points, “inspiring” and “great” emerged as buzzwords, in addition to “shared” and “social media.”  There was also strong buzz around the conference’s keynotes, learning, and the relationship between patient and doctor.

#SwedishRagan Prominent Tweets

Lastly, here are some tweets that we feel best encapsulate the essence of #SwedishRagan.

Image courtesy of PR Daily.

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