We all love good content. The perfect combination of text, audio and images delivered at the right time to the right audience is something content marketing pros strive for on a daily basis.

A huge chunk of campaign planning is typically devoted to developing the overarching storytelling framework and the crucial content that supports that framework. Without targeted content, you’re left with a great story but no actionable plan or vehicle for connecting that story with your audience.

A post last week on PR Daily highlighted the excellent video Old Spice recently published that provides the public with a “behind the scenes” look at their continued “Old Spice Man” campaign. Uploaded to YouTube on March 1st, the video has already garnered more than 500,000 views.

A similar successful “production capture” video was created last year around¬† the Guy Walks Across America Levis video.

Why Does It Matter?

In short, it’s a smart tactic and simple way to beef up your content framework to leverage your storyline beyond initial campaign execution. If you’re going to dump a lot of money into production, it makes sense to capture and tell the story about how that production came together and was executed. Both cases above demonstrate that there will always be a technical or brand enthusiast audience that craves more than the initial content/brand touchpoint. Give ’em what they crave.

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