When campaigns are measured effectively, you should be able to answer the most fundamental question:

Did we achieve our goal and objectives?

More details would emerge from the data with these questions:

• Did your messages resonate in your target media?

• Did they gain traction across multiple media?

• Do you have a new list of potential advocates?

• Are you seizing the opportunity to change the digital conversation?

The data can also be used to distinguish influence from noise; help build relationships with advocates and target them to drive more conversations; understand the competitive landscape; inform integrated media strategies and product marketing strategies; and manage corporate or brand reputations.

As with traditional PR measurement, digital findings build the foundation for continually evolving PR strategy. The quantitative and qualitative analysis that results from research and measurement programs helps determine where to spend resources, efforts and energies.

Measurement provides a road map to digital media, but beware, directions might change frequently, because these days both online and offline media are constantly evolving. Digital measurement is never a one-time event but an ongoing critical component of a campaign.

This is the third post in a four-part series on digital measurement by Margot Sinclair Savell, Vice President of Measurement and Strategy in Seattle.

Image courtesy of jayneandd.

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