I recently met with some of the editors and reporters at the Puget Sound Business Journal, a Pulitzer Prize finalist last year for reporting, to learn more about its commitment to quality journalism and to get tips on how best to approach its newsroom when we have a local business story that we think has news value.

First, how do you know if your story is newsworthy? Put it to this simple test:

  • Is it timely?
  • Do the people or organization in your story have local prominence?
  • What is the significance? Any large sums of $$ involved?

If you answered yes to these questions, then your story is newsworthy. Now, how do you find the right reporter at the Puget Sound Business Journal who may be interested in your news?

  • Use common sense and read the paper
  • Still not sure, call an editor and ask
  • The best days to call an editor or reporter are Thursday or Friday
  • Press day is Wednesday and the newspaper is distributed every Friday

Happy pitching!

-Dan Lee

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